David Nutt: UK Drug Law preventing medical potential of drugs to be uncovered.

Professor David Nutt is a British psychiatrist and neuropsychopharmacologist specialising in the research of drugs that affect the brain and conditions such as addiction, anxiety and sleep. He was an goverment drug advisor in the UK but got sacked because it was claimed he was giving “mixed messages” about drugs, and he was criticizing the current UK drug law to a high extent.’ Continue reading

What is the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms?

A lot of people – even authorities – often fail to see the difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms.

Both shrooms and truffles contain the psychedelic psychoactive compounds psilocyn, psilocybin, baeocystin and norbaeocystin. Both are fungi, but in a different way.

Biologically the best way to explain a truffle, is that it’s the “survival-mechanism” of a grown fungus, A fungus can grow out to be a mushroom, but when the mycelium (white threads) of a fungus can’t get enough oxigen and other nutrition to survive, then under the right circumstances it will create a¬†fungal fruit body that develops underground. That fruit body is called sclerotia or truffle. The truffle needs a couple of months to gain full potency. The Psilocybe hollandia needs no less than 10 months to achieve its full potency, making it the strongest magic truffle on the planet.

Magic Truffles as grown by Trufflemagic

There is also a urban legend that magic truffles are weaker than magic shrooms. This is not necessarily true. The difference between magic truffles and magic mushrooms has nothing to do with strength. A shroom grows in various stages, with the last stage being the most potent but not equally potent on every shroom. Truffles of the same strain all have more or less the same potency, this is why truffles are much easier to dose and therefore safer to consume.

There have been growers with low quality truffles in the past, which is bad for the reputation of Magic Truffles. Trufflemaic guarantees you high quality truffles that will give you an equal or even more visual experience than with magic mushrooms.

My first trip

After having to reschedule over and over again because of the weather or work, finally the time has come! Magic¬†Truffles in the city park! Because this is my first trip (and for Joke and Henry their first time truffles) I order the Psilocybe Pajaritos via Trufflemagic.com. According to their description, this truffle will give you a pleasant and happy trip, with mild hallucinations and closed-eyed visuals. That sounds like a nice truffle to start with! I read all the do‚Äôs en¬†don‚Äôt of tripping in advance, and I think I’m all ready for it.
Beforehand, we bought some nice snacks and drinks, and we chose some fitting music. Also, we took some orange sunglasses along we might have fun with later on.

At home I divide the truffles over 3 servings of 12 grams each and we are ready to cycle to the park. At 10 o’clock Joke and I have arranged with Henry in the city park. When we meet each other there we go looking for a nice place. We ride around a bit in the park and on the edge we find a large field; a beautiful spot between the yellow flowers and trees. The grass around is pretty high so we’re pretty sheltered.¬†We put down a large rug, and spread some pillows arround. Continue reading

25I-NBOMe – a new psychedelic drug?



Lately this new drug. 25I-NBOMe, also called Windopane, N-Bomb, 25I is showing up around the internet. It is said to have similar effects as LSD. It is illigal in Russia and some US states, but nowhere else specifically. Because of the effects it is also sold as LSD, or treated as LSD.
On Erowid, a website where people can post their drug experiences, people don’t seem to happy with the new drug 25I-NBOMe¬†or are even calling it rather dangerous.

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Trip Report: Breathtaking trees in a LA park

Over the years we’ve received so many trip reports, most aren’t even placed here. It’s fantastic when people take the time to write a about their Magic Truffle experience. Here’s a nice trip report from a LA customer. This is also a great example of how your trip gets that much better with the right preparations and directions. Thanks Darius!

This is a positive review of not only the high-quality truffles I consistently receive from TruffleMagic.com, but also a glowing review of the service I receive from Peter and his team. ¬†Truffles being a niche item, appealing to many but enjoyed by few, it was difficult finding an online vendor I could trust. ¬†TruffleMagic.com is the Amazon of magic truffle websites! ¬†It’s simple, secure, and easy-to-use. ¬†No international bank transfer is needed; I can pay via PayPal or credit card! ¬†And I’ve received my order every time, on time, delivered discreetly to my doorstep in the USA.

Ignoring the advice posted on TruffleMagic.com and a multitude of other sites, my first experience with truffles resulted in the proverbial “bad trip.” ¬†Why? ¬†First, the products from these guys are top shelf. ¬†Supposedly, the¬†psilocybe pajaritos are one of the milder types of truffles offered. ¬†I had the full 15 grams and, literally, I lost touch with reality. ¬†What has been described as a¬†pleasant¬†experience turned into a nightmare, as I was in a bad mood before eating the truffles, not to mention I was exhausted. ¬†I did it completely wrong, and I deserved everything I got for not following the directions. ¬†These truffles, regardless of the kind you get, are extremely strong. ¬†Be in an upbeat mood and ready for a four to six hour ride. ¬†Trust me, because when you do…

…you have an amazing, euphoric, wonderful experience! ¬†I took 7.5 grams of the psilocybe hollandia at 8:00am on a Saturday morning. ¬†I was fully rested, and I consumed no other drugs other than a little caffeine from my coffee, and some cannabis in the form of a lozenge. ¬†I was extremely nervous, as after having a bad trip, I was anxious that it might spiral out of control again. ¬†However, I sat on my couch, looked out my window, and then watched a National Geographic documentary while I waited for the come up to begin.

For me, it was the perfect combination.  I dosed just right, I was fully rested, and it was first thing in the morning.  The time is key, as I walked out the door and down the street to this little park in Los Angeles (see photo), and it was comforting to know I had the entire morning ahead of me to enjoy my trip.

losangeles park

It seems like a cliche, but it’s true when they say you have a desire to be closer to nature. ¬†The branches on the palm trees were my own Independence Day fireworks display to control. ¬†It was breathtaking. ¬†While I was at the park I had the remaining 7.5 grams of the truffles, and I enjoyed the sights and sounds of the foliage and faces that surrounded me before heading home.

Regardless of the truffle, you can’t go wrong making your purchase from TruffleMagic.com. ¬†Highly recommended!!!

The Guardian: Prohibition of psychedelics hinders research

A recent article by Alok Jha, science correspondent of¬†The Guardian, posted a interesting statement from US govenments former drug adviser David Nutt, he claims that scientists should have access to illegal psychedelic drugs¬†such as LSD and psilocybin to aid them in brain research, according to the government’s former drug adviser Professor David Nutt.¬†He said that research into the deepest mysteries of the brain, including consciousness and mental illness, could not proceed because of prohibition.

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Basil-Truffle Pesto

2 cups packed basil leaves (approx. 2 oz)
1/3 cup olive oil 2 portions of Magic Truffles
2 cloves garlic, minced or crushed 1/2 cup grated parmesan cheese
2 tablespoons softened butter (optional) 1/2 teaspoon salt (optional)



1 Place basil, olive oil, magic truffles, garlic and salt (if using) in food processor.
2 Blend until thoroughly combined.
3 Add Parmesan and butter (if using) and blend 5-10 seconds more.
4 Just before serving, add 2 Tbsp of hot pasta water from cooked pasta.
5 Serve over pasta with bread and salad.


Steve Jobs: “I’m glad I used psychedelics, it was a positive life changing experience for me”

Steve Jobs is positive about his use of psychedelic drugs


We know Magic truffles and mushrooms have stimulated many creative minds to come up with brilliant ideas.. A while ago, the pentagon released some interesting facts about Steve Job’s usage of psychedelics.

Though Free Information Laws in the US, new material has been released by the Pentagon, about Steve Jobs. It wasn’t a secret that he was into recreational drugs in the past. But in these reports he made some impressive statements about his psychedelic use between 1972 and 1974.


Steve Jobs states it was a “positive life changing experience” and that he was “glad he went through that experience”.


He took psychedelics when he was alone, and when he took with marijuana, it made him “relaxed and creative”, he stated. He credits getting high to stimulating his creativity.